ABGT450 - Above & Beyond return to London

Above & Beyond Return To London

by ollie@ping-culture.com

Above & Beyond Return To Home Turf

As the UK prepares to reopen its doors just as summer rolls around, there has been an influx of live music events announced by the second! Electronic music lovers are finally beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel.. or rather many lights.. and strobes.

What better way to welcome live music events back to London soil, that by Above & Beyond announcing their return with their highly anticipated ABGT 450. 

Lockdown forced the most recent ABGT400 to be cancelled, however Above and Beyond never let their fans down and set up a moving ABGT on the River Thames. Check the video out below:



Tickets always sell out fast for these events, and presale has already sold out! 

Ping have partnered up with Above & Beyond to give you guys the opportunity to get you hands on a pair of London’s most highly sought after tickets. Stay tuned for information in the coming weeks!

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