Archer Street Soho

“Archer Street Soho is an experiential, performance,  cocktail bar, the perfect venue for discerning Londoners”

Archer Streetis exctly that, a experitiela performance cocktail bar – but what does that mean…?

When you enter archer street you you insatnly feel at home with its warm and homey feel infused with class and luxury. Upstairs is the cocktail bar where you’ll find plush sofas, and lounge space with an incredible cocktial offering. 

Now, there are many bars offering incredible cocktails, so why is Archer Street so special. We’ll, let us tell you..

The Archer Street team are all talented professional performers from West End shows, song & dance academies and professional theatre
Disney night at Archer Street

And what you get with this is live performances from the waiter and waitresses all night, singing classic, musical hits, and pretty much anything you could image. We got hit with the Pokemon theme tune on our visit!

It’s truly an epic night from start to finish. Incredible singers, performing all night whilst you sip away on delicious cocktails.

Not only are the staff putting on amazing performances , but they are also putting on amazing service, making you feel like a regular there.

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