Flight Club Luxury Darts

Flight Club – taking darts to and entirely new level

by ollie@ping-culture.com

Drunk Darts!

The idea of allowing a drunk Londoner to take a pointy metal object and throw it at a wall does not sound like a good idea. However Flight Club rolled with it, and the result is spectacular.
Luxury Darts at Flight Club

Flight Club’s impressive expansion of London isn’t at all surprising when you visit one of their bars, which can be found in Islington, Shoreditch, Victoria, and Bloomsbury.


They have taken a simple and, let’s be honest, usually very drunk past time and taken it into the world of luxury. They have twisted the idea in with some cool technology and wicked decor to create the Flight Club brand.

In each of the glam wood-panelled, fair ground themed venues, each board sits under the watchful eye of 3 precision cameras which identify the location of each dart to sub-millimetre accuracy.

Luxury interactive darts at Flight Club

This system also keeps score of who’s turn it is, the scores required by a user and will showcase all of this with some, quite frankly, brilliant graphics. So, all you have to focus on is your drink and the company around you, the computer does the rest for you… now you see why it works so well!

In addition to this, there are action-replay cams for you to savour your winning moments, and even boomerangs of them! Victory never tasted so sweet.

Luxury interactive darts at Flight Club

Flying Food

As with any successful bar, the food has to be up to scratch. Flight club offer pizzas, snack plates, sliders and small snacks for you to enjoy at your game.

If you really want to feel like a winner, why not order their sharing cocktail, which is served in a giant golden trophy. 

Luxury interactive darts at Flight Club

Useful Information

Locations: Islington, Victoria, Bloomsbury and Shoreditch
Opening hours: seven days a week; times vary, but roughly midday-midnight. (pre-covid)
Price: One hour’s board hire is £15 weekday daytimes and Sundays, £30 other times. Minimum group size of six needed to book ahead for peak times.


You can book right through the Ping app.

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