Mrs Fogg’s Maritime Club & Distillery


Mr Fogg’s continue their family of colonial themed bars with another belter. Leading on from the famous Mr Fogg’s Residence, this city bar with a maratime theme is one to try!


An awesome maritime theme throughout the bar

What began as a lavish themed bar in Mayfair, what can inly be described as a townhouse filled with wondrous objects and decorations gathered from  Phileas Fogg’s travels around the world, has gone dockside with this maritime bar.

The latest incarnation is a Broadgate Circle bar named after his wife with a British Raj vibe. 

With decor inspired by India, as well as a life-size version of the Rangoon Steamer, giving the venue plenty of space for any sized party. The Steamer – which seats up to 40 passengers – is complete with opulent curtains, plush velvet seating and grand chandeliers. 

The basement has a distinctive maritime theme

Alternatively, gather in the Maritime Club- a sophisticated, elegant area featuring both nautical and Indian decorative touches – hard to tell you’re not on at sea!

As always Mr Fogg's ensures the theme is done brilliantly

Downstairs, in engine room – a secret space filled with all sorts of cargo, crates and stowaways – there’s a live entertainment space and a Rickshaw, courtesy of Monkey Shoulder, where you can pedal and shake your own signature cocktails.

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