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Follower Management

Ping Culture make’s it easy for users to follow their favourite venues and promoters. In doing so a marketing link is created between the user and the business. This is unlike the typical follow content stream provided by most social media sites, Ping’s follow system unlocks a lot more than this.


Track your followers


Ping’s dashboard shows you all your followers (GDPR complaint) along with their push notification status. So you can see if they have turned off their notifications from you and if they turn them back on. You’ll get analytics of daily and weekly new followers and unfollows, so you can tailor you marketing approach with Ping.

Push Notifications

When a user follows on of your venues, automatic push notifications will be sent to them when you create events, add offers, or create an update. Unlick typical email marketing you can be sure your users will see these updates and with one tap be taken directly to the content you want them to see. 

On top of this, you can send up to 3 custom push notifications out to your followers every week (although you might want to think if 3 are needed).  These can include video, and image content along with urls and links to content in the app. 

QR Codes

Acquiring new customers and followers isn’t an easy process, attention spans are short and your time frame for catching attention is very limited. Ping make’s getting content or messages in front of a user instant. You can generate a QR code for any aspect of your profile right from the dashboard. This QR code, when scanned, will take the user directly to the content, in this case, making them a follower. 

You can even generate marketing material with the QR code for printing or posting to social media. All of this is done instantly by our dashboard.


It’s important to know how your followers feel about you and so with Ping analytics you can see daily follow and unfollows, as well as how many of you followers acted on your push notifications.

Check it out on the Ping app

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