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What's The Vibe

London Shuffle Club provides a buzzing environment with a game that instils a competitive and ice breaking atmosphere.

London Shuffle Club
The Ping Crew recently dropped into ‘The London Shuffle Club’ just off Shoreditch High Street to see what the hype about this ‘old person’s game’ mixed with a younger crowd and bar’s is actually about… We were not disappointed. The staff are amazing and made sure all food and drinks were coming out whilst we enjoyed a game of Shuffle! The aim of the game is simple. In teams you must slide a puck across the floor with a stick and land in the section with the most points. After a few drinks the game did go to pot, however the good times just kept flowing as we vaguely kept score whilst drinking our G & Ts. There is an indoor and outdoor section with plenty of space and overhead heaters so everyone can enjoy their own space and warmth.
Shuffle Board at The London shuffle Club

Who would you recommend to go?

Literally anyone can go here! – “Like a Mashup Between Ten-Pin Bowling and curling, only with better shoes”

London Shuffle Club - Shoreditch
As we were playing the game it struck us that any audience can come here and have some fun, however, being in Shoreditch, the crowd was young, edgy and definitely enhanced by the drinks and pizzas flying about. I would recommend coming towards the start of your night to really get your group vamped up. Everything is presented so well and the whole setup felt tight. I can’t really think of many downsides!? London Shuffle Club is a gem of a find and I’d highly recommend booking in to get your group interacting, excited and communicating early on! We have given the bar 4.5 coveted Ping sweeties as it hits all of our criteria. Fun, Something different and extremely accommodating. Don’t take our word for it though. PING IT OUT.
London Shuffle Club - Shoreditch

Final Verdict


We loved London Shuffle Club! The game is so much better with a bustling bar setting and dedicated pizza menu. We could have stayed there all night but we think everyone needs the chance to slide those pucks, satisfyingly across the floor whilst drinking a Caribbean vibe cocktail out of a barrel. Its gives a new meaning to double parking!

4.5 Sweeties have been awarded to this venue as it is in a great, edgy location and has all the makings of a growing night/day out.

Who knew that they could redefine this game in such a vibrant way!

London Shuffle Club

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