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The Lost Alhamra has all the qualities of the perfect Instrammable bar!

Coming from the team behind Bar Elba, Tonight Josephine, The Escapologist and Blame Gloria  The Lost Alhambra is the newest Instagrammable bar to join Adventure Bar’s collection.


Instagrammable bar in london - the Lost Alhambre

Firstly, as all cool bars should do… the bar sits on the former site of the world famous Alhambra Theatre (hence the name) of Variety.

Coincidentally a place where world-class ballerinas would perform in the 1800s.

As a result the idea seems to have originated on the rumour that the ballerinas would head on down to a secret bar underneath for quite the sesh! That bar is back! but now it’s instragrammable bar ready!


Perfect lighting for that instagram shot - instagrammable

Instagrammable Bar... Why?

When you see the interiors, you’ll see why this place is so Instgrammable. You’ll step into an Escher-inspired, hallucinatory black and white entryway, and then move onto what can only be described as an acid trip. The entire bar is illuminated with neon and the mirrors create a glowing effect which gives the distinctive look you can see in the header image.

Crazy Cocktails for the perfect Instargam Shot

what Instagrammable bar is complete with Instrammable drinks! With amazing twisted cocktails including the disco ball cocktail, the Pisco, which is literally served in a disco ball. However this is not just a gimick, as its delicious! made with passionfruit, peach liquer, vanilla and ginger ale, its unreal.

Some others worth metioning, The Clockwork orange (Blood orange gin, madarin liquer, fresh lemon juice, egg white and Peychaud bitters). Even the drinks are make this place an Instagrammable bar.

And for the non-alcoholic, theres a pretty banging line up to, including The Matinée Bohemian Raspberry made with non-alcoholic vodka, raspberry, cranberry, fresh basil and pink grapefruit, and the Matinée Porn Star with passionfruit, vanilla and alcohol-free prosecco.


Adventure Bar continue their trend

Adventure Bar have built up quite the collection of unique, fun and atmosphere filled bars, exactly what Ping culture looks for! Download the app or head over to our web app to find out more and follow their venues!

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